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Travel Tips and WODs

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Whether you’re traveling somewhere warm to relax, or you’re heading home for the holidays to visit family, here’s some tips for staying on track while away, any time of the year! 

Plan ahead: look up restaurant options ahead of time.  Prepare and pack as many healthy meals and snacks as possible so you're never in a pickle: Great things to pack are: Jerky, protein bars, deli meat, canned tuna, hard boiled eggs, rice cakes, instant oats, microwavable rice, raw veggies, nuts, and nut butters

Don't let one bad meal turn into 2-3: Try to limit eating out to once per day while out of town.  This helps keep you more consistent, and limits over eating. 

Keep it simple: Try and focus on food quality.  Stick the basics: lean proteins, starchy carbs, and veggies! 

Crush protein!: keep protein intake high where possible!  Especially if you plan on eating out a lot, and/or drinking!  All meals throughout the day should contain a good serving of lean protein (and veggies!).

Be active: Plan 1-2 activities per day.  Walk as much as possible, and if possible try to sneak a workout in first thing in the morning!  Even if you're in the middle of nowhere there are plenty of great body weight workouts that can be done! (check out the link at the end of this blog for dozen of great workouts that can be done anywhere!)

Try intuitive eating: Take a break from logging, but use what you have learned from prior logging to keep meal portions and ratios the same.  If possible stick to similar meals times, and the same number of meals as at home to help eliminate over eating! 

Have fun!: Especially to those who don't travel often, go ahead and live it up!  you earned it!  Don't stress and just enjoy it!  Focus on consistency, NOT perfection!  It’s all about balance!!!

*Click the file below to open the travel WOD doc! It's packed with 100's of options: both with just body weight, and some including minimal equipment found in most hotel gyms!

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