Emily and I began working together last February. I had been doing CrossFit a little over a year at that point and thought I ate good so I didn’t understand why my hard work in the gym wasn’t paying off. I had done every diet from vegan to paleo and had used every tracking app, every macro app, had two different coaches give me my “macros”, but it wasn’t until I found Emily that I finally got results. She has kept me accountable and motivated these past seven months.  I feel great in and out of the gym eating what my body needs, and I’m getting the physical results too. Not only does she support you in your nutrition, but also the physical, emotional aspects of your life as well. Many times I’ve mentioned small things, or what I’m up to in my life that week and Emily remembers. It’s awesome to journey through your growth with someone, and if you’re looking for a coach and you’re reading this, you’ve found her. Thanks for everything Emily!


-Sierra I.


Today marks the end of another month, but not just any month....I have consistently logged my food and tracked my sleep for 2 months! I’m running less and lifting more. I started working with a nutrition coach 6 months ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2019! I may have studied nutrition in college but I was desperately needing accountability in this area of my life. I truly believe consistency is the key to success. No magic pills or drinks. Stay tuned! I’m seeing progress and know that I will continue to be a healthier version of myself day by day. Thanks Emily Makselan for speaking truth into my life and challenging me.


-Jolene S.

It has been such a pleasure so far working with Emily and Find Your Fit Nutrition. Emily does her best to never overwhelm you with too many modifications or changes but rather focus on smaller tasks that wind up leading to bigger changes overall. I have not only quickly noticed the changes in my waste band but also the changes I make in my daily choices, diet, routine, and even outlook on the day. With Emily helping me build a better relationship with food and nutrition, I have been able to build a better relationship with myself. I cannot wait to see where this journey can catapult me! Thank you Emily for your passion and dedication to healthier choices and lifestyle, it truly shows and I’m so thankful you’re willing to share that with others.


-Jamie G.


I have worked with Emily a couple of times over the last 3 years. Each time she continues to impress me with her coaching skills. She is incredibly patient and understanding but at the same time very encouraging, supportive and directive, which is what you want in a Nutrition Coach. She really helps you understand the nutrition, but also how your lifestyle plays into how you eat, and what's preventing you from achieving your goals. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in your nutrition. 


-Joie E

Emily has been my nutrition coach for over a year now and she has helped me hit all my bodyweight and nutrition goals! It's been a positive an easy process to start tracking my food and counting macros. I love working one-on-one with Emily because she goes above and beyond with tracking my progress, keeping me accountable, and answering all my questions. As an athlete, it was important to me to find a nutrition coach that was knowledgeable, flexible, understanding, and professional and Emily has been all that and more.  I love her philosophy that no food is off limits or bad, so I never feel restricted or guilty from what I eat. She has helped me develop better, healthy food choice habits that keep me on track and fueled for performance. It's been a fantastic lifestyle change working with Emily! I highly recommend her as a nutrition coach!

-Stephanie L.

I have been working with Emily as my nutrition coach for over a year now. During that time, she has been a true partner in helping me live a healthier lifestyle.  By checking in once a week there is accountability and support - she listens to everything I share with her each week and makes adjustments based on my individual goals and needs.  She does not use the same approach for every client - her methods are truly customized to the individual.  She also listens to my needs and asks for my input prior to making adjustments to my plan.  Most importantly, over the last year, she has helped me with my psychological issues around food and diet and has really helped me create a better/healthier mindset with my relationship to food.  She encourages me to "live my life" and not be restricted by a macro lifestyle.  She is very patient and took several months to work with me to figure out some digestive issues, identify the root cause and make changes to fix it.   If you want someone who listens to your needs and partners with you to live your healthiest life, sign-up today with Emily! 

-Lori S.

Emily’s coaching is truly outstanding. By far the best nutrition coach I have had. She has so much knowledge, but is also so incredibly supportive. I love that she gives you different challenges so you feel as if you are accomplishing  goals together. It is obvious she is invested in her clients and she is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. I would highly recommend Emily. 

-Kailey S.

When I started with Emily, I was whining about hating my body. I felt like I looked like a dumpy middle aged woman even though I was working out (Orange Theory) 3 –4 times a week. I expected a restrictive diet that I wouldn’t follow, but decided to give it a try. She transformed my habit of eating minimally most of the day, then having a hamburger/fries and a couple of drinks for dinner diet, to having 3 balanced meals with a focus on meeting my macros with foods that I like to eat. I haven’t felt deprived or hungry, but feel like I’m eating more than ever and healthier by default. My nights of Tums have disappeared, my muscle recovery has increased tremendously (I worked out regularly, yet still felt sore for days after) and I’m comfortable in my clothes. I’m a work in progress, but Emily is a good mentor and definitely sets a good example. 



A little over 2 years ago I was 210 pounds of miserable and unhealthy. I hated the way I looked but more so I hated the way I felt inside. I didn't see myself as beautiful or worthy of someone's love. I hated myself that much. In June 2017 I decided I had to make a change, so I walked into CrossFit 520 and it changed my life for the better. Even more so it brought me to Emily. She has help me to transform the way I look at food and that I can take control of what not only I put in my body but the importance of making sure to love myself. Her guidance and patience has been a true blessing. Without her I would be lost. 


-Kristen B.